Joint Stock Company "Frast-M" is founded in 1992 as R&D company. The main area of its activity: liquid photoresists for electronics. Photoresist is a basic material for electronics. Without it is impossible to fabricate a transistor or a diode, IC or semiconductor laser, computer flash drive or hard disk, holographic sticker or nanochip. Final products, which are produced using photoresist, are applied practically in all up-to-date branches of industry. There are aircrafts, missiles, satellites and radars, cars and communication devices, internet, solar energy and LED-based lamps, etc

The company is a leading supplier of photoresists for electronics on the CIS market. The products are delivered to more than 200 companies engaged in microelectronics, printing industry, holography, pharmaceutics, and Russian folk handicrafts.

At present, Joint Stock Company "Frast-M" is the only company in Russia, which provides domestic companies with complete set of liquid photoresists.

For the last decade, the company has re-elaborated the whole technology for photoresist production for electronic companies. The company has issued 42 new technological documents. It has developed and registered 12 new specifications.

A set of the fabricated products and components reaches 39 brands.

The company pays great attention to consultations of the firms engaged in microelectronics.

The company makes presentations of its photoresists on the microelectronics companies. At the annual exhibition "New Electronics", the company always represents its new developments.

The company has established contacts with the leading foreign suppliers of raw materials and with the suppliers of materials for photoresist and specialized photoresist fabrication.